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Drug Diversions Programs

Our drug diversion education is for first offense drug defendants. Diversion is the procedure of suspending the criminal prosecution of an individual, by allowing the offender to complete a drug education, drug treatment, or drug rehabilitation program instead of further criminal proceedings.

Diversion has become a very popular method of alleviating congested court calendars, while at the same time allowing first-offenders to avoid the blemish of a drug conviction on their record.

If a first offense drug defendant has an otherwise clean criminal record, judges generally will find a defendant eligible for the deferred entry of judgement program without requiring a formal eligibility evaluation.

If you are required to complete a Drug Diversion program for the State of California, choose the 26 Hour Deferred Entry of Judgment Program.  This meets California Penal Code 1000 (PC1000) requirements. Also referred to as DEJ Program.